Alternative Medicine and our National Healthcare System

The fact is I’m not alone when it comes to NOT feeling a sense of urgency to sign up to our national healthcare system.  What for?  I’ve gone almost two decades without any medical insurance, and the times I have used medical care, the allopathic system wasn’t much help at all.

Before I continue, this is not a critique about medical doctors; there’s no doubt that doctors play an important role in society, however, the way medical care is administered, there are very important solutions that are being ignored; we’ll call those solutions “alternative medicine” in this writing, but it can also be called integrative, traditional and holistic medicine.

Almost 20 years ago – the last time I visited a medical doctor – he yelled at me in frustration saying, “what do you want me to do?”  I didn’t realize a wart on my finger (half of it under my nail) would cause such a reaction.  My quick response was, “I don’t know, you’re the doctor”, which by his reaction he was not expecting.

That was an eye-opener, and moving forward I realized that medical doctors are not physical embodiments of omniscient Gods.

At that time that I was attending UC Santa Cruz and soon I discovered that the campus had a holistic health program.  Since my goal was to go to medical school, I didn’t hesitate to take this training.

This was THE turning point in my philosophical understanding about health and wellness – my desire for medical school fizzled; medical exams, pills and surgery are not true healing; they are more a part of emergency care and linear measurements that don’t necessarily reflect the multidimensional aspects of existence.

It made a lot more sense to me to develop myself as an alternative medicine practitioner in order to help empower members of society by nurturing their mind, body and spirit using our natural resources.  This way our internal homeostatic control mechanisms function at optimal capacity and therefore we could keep medicines and surgeries at a distance and live a more joyful life.

As I went through the holistic program I became more self-aware.  I lived first hand the power of emotional processing (talking, finding peace with troubling experiences and setting goals/intentions), hands on healing (acupressure, massage, etc.), herbology (herbs, roots, nutrition) and much more.

As I went through this program I evolved into a more vibrant carefree person.  Problems were no longer problems but solutions to be found and applied.

Every thought and action matters – am I being a pessimist or am I acting with optimism?  Is this food nourishing me, or is it depleting me?  Are my friends encouraging, or are they bringing me down?  This awareness and the right action is self-health care.

It’s when we begin to live with self-awareness that life becomes easier and satisfying.  The studies show that happier people get sick less often, so why not discover, take action and get results by self-empowerment using natures resources – the truth is the solutions exist within us.  This is what’s missing in our national healthcare system.

I recently got a call from an insurance representative inquiring about our biomagnetic services.  They said they’ve heard about it before, but that now people are asking about it, and it got their attention.  Have you asked your broker about alternative medicine benefits?

From an insurance payout perspective, the health care savings would be in the millions.  I know because over the past 6 years of practice, I’ve been working with people who are not being helped by pharmaceutical medicine and suddenly with Biomagnetism they are cured, or improved quality of life is perceived which means less medication.

I have many testimonials online.  A woman says she was scheduled for surgery because of chronic vomiting and within a few days after Biomagnetism the problem subsided and the surgery was cancelled.

Great news for this woman, and from a business perspective, bad news for the hospital.

No doubt that eventually many more of us that drag our feet will get the medical insurance, however, I can assure you that if more alternative medicine was provided, specifically Medical Biomagnetism, I would have been the first to sign up.

For more information about this life saving science, get a copy of these books (click on image; available on Amazon).


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Natural Solutions to Sciatic Nerve Pain by Durazo, BA, HHP, CBP

In my private medical biomagnetic practice in Santa Ana, Orange County, California (Los Angeles area), I often work with people complaining of all types of pains, but very often sciatic nerve pain.

Many say this has been going on for years and refuse to take medication.  Instead they have opted for other natural modalities like massage, chiropractic, acupuncture and more, but the pain persists.

What causes sciatic nerve pain?  The fact is that there are many factors that play a role with this and any type of pain.  In fact, I talk about those factors in a holistic guide book I published called How Magnets Saved my Life.3D Save Life ENGLISH

Since my primary focus is one’s biochemical balance using Medical Biomagnetism, sciatic nerve pain caused by microorganisms is effectively address quite easily.  In fact, many people have come back saying, “I had this X-Y-Z type of pain but didn’t tell you because I’ve been receiving other type of therapy and didn’t’ think you could help“.

Since sciatic nerve pain isn’t always the result of microorganism, then we must look at other possibilities.  For example, a muscles of the pelvic area.  If that’s the case, a well-trained hands-on healer will help immensely.

Several years ago when I first graduated from UCSC’s holistic health program I did an intern at a chiropractic office.  A man came in complaining of pain on the right side of the abdomen.  For 5-days straight (Monday-Friday) he came in and received the adjustments but the pain persisted.  Seeing as no benefit came from the adjustment, I asked the doctor if I could spend some time with him, “sure, why not“.

It was interesting that that day I had been reading his chiropractic literature and an article there talked about the psoas muscle being a primary culprit in pain and so I did the psoas muscle stretches they suggested and whoa! He got off the table without any pain.

This was quite a learning experience for all of us.  For me, it pointed out that we can’t rely solely on one healing modality, but that in combination the best results are seen.

However, supposing a person has sciatic pain and goes to a trained massage therapy; maybe the pain goes away, but it returns, and it becomes a come-and-go situation.  The question is what then is the underlying root cause.  Why do(es) the muscle(s) keep getting tight?

We must look at our lifestyle.  Is stretching part of our lifestyle?  Fact is muscles need our help, not just because we overexerted ourselves, but because life and our routines lead to muscle tension.

One of the factors that I think people don’t factor in is the emotional.  Are you aware the emotional stress causes a shortening of the leg?  Yes, that’s right, check it out yourself; just have one of your highly stressed out friends lay down and hold their feet together and you will see that one leg is either shorter or longer than the other.

Why is this important?  Well it’s a big deal.  This means the body is not in it’s balance.  When this happens we may not perceive anything is wrong because the spine is flexible and will appear as if the person is straight (to an untrained eye), but this is clearly putting a lot of stress on all systems of the body and may cause sciatic nerve and other type’s of pains.

In summary, sciatic nerve pain has many root causes: microorganism, tight muscles, emotional and more.  When you understand your organism’s needs, then you are in a place where you are in greater control of your life.

To expand your knowledge and live a better quality of life, think about making Medical Biomagnetism a part of your life.  You and your family deserve to live free of pain with optimal quality of life.  This frequently asked questions book is going to make a significant difference in your life.  (availabe on Amazon; click on book to be re-directed)


Frequently Asked Questions about Revolutionary Medical Biomagnetism


Supporting Cassandra Callender is to Improve a Failed Medical System

The Connecticut Supreme Court ruled that Ms. Cassandra Callender, a 17-year-old WOMAN (or “girl/minor”, in the eyes of the law), MUST undergo chemotherapy, which she and her mother oppose, favoring a natural medicine approach to her health challenge.

Ms. Callender’s experience exposes one of many detrimental flaws in our healthcare and judicial systems; in this writing, we will only focus on one.

What’s the flaw?  The flaw is that unlike other countries, natural treatments are not considered primary treatment options, therefore limiting Ms. Callender’s access to personal choices.  As a result, the medical and legal authorities are imposing upon her a belief system that she does not entirely agree with.

This, in itself, is demoralizing and counterproductive to any type of healing.

In a superior healthcare system, natural approaches would be recommended prior to initiating potentially deadly invasive-toxic treatments, if that is what a patient wishes.

Many people around the world seek “alternative/integrative” medicine methods on a daily basis with great success, so why shouldn’t the courts support Ms. Callender in her quest to first treat herself with natural methods?

In as little as 30-60 days the medical authorities can monitor the benefits or lack thereof of the natural treatments she choses.

There are many natural medicine treatments to choose from, however, without fail, Ms. Callender should implement Dr. Goiz’ Medical Biomagnetism technique.

Today, there is an ever increasing momentum of people seeking the safe biomagnetic treatment.  In the United States, Moses Durazo, BA, HHP, CBP, is one of a small number of practitioner worldwide that dedicates their life to helping others using safe treatment using magnetic fields.

Based in Orange County, California, Durazo is using this safe, powerful, practical and precise therapy to cause patients with diverse health issues a lot of good.  Everyday he is helping people prevent, improve and cure disease even when supposedly natural solutions don’t exist.

Durazo writes books about his experience with this natural therapy and many testimonials of success stories can be found on the internet.  Using Medical Biomagnetism, people have been known to cure of cancers and other aggressive disease without a single drop of medication.

Ms. Callender and her mother are correct in wanting to seek natural health care options and it should be an option afforded them.  Under such consideration by the medical and judicial authorities, society as a whole would benefit immensely.  The economic factor is only one obvious factor (~$300,000 treatment vs. $300).

In an ideal perfect world where Biomagnetism is a service provided at hospitals and within the “conventional” medical model, the appropriate steps would be the following:

a) Immediately upon entering the hospital, a biomagnetic practitioner provides the therapy.

b) Post biomagnetic session, the allopathic medical doctor conducts their examination.

c) patient receives emotional, nutritional and exercise counseling.

d) Patient goes home and returns within a week repeating the above steps.

If in 30-60 days no improvement is appreciated having implemented Medical Biomagnetism and above mentioned counseling, then chemotherapy or other pharmaceutical approach is implemented.

This approach seems fair, ethical and beneficial to all considering there is scientific evidence supporting Biomagnetism’s effectiveness.

For more information, get a copy of Durazo’s life saving books ( (available on Amazon):


Prevent, Improve and Cure Disease with Medical Biomagnetism: Frequently Asked Questions

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How Magnets Saved my Life – a Holistic Guide Book for Optimal Living



Medical Biomagnetism and Holistic Guide Books – Being in Control of Life is a great read away! Rave Reviews

3D Save Life ENGLISH

Book 1 of 2

This life saving natural holistic guide will help you rid yourself of physical and emotional pain and suffering! 

5 Star Review:  “Loved this book!! Lots of interesting and useful information!! I will continue to keep this book for reference! Just awesome!”

5 Star Review:  “Easy, friendly read with good logic and some science but not too much that people will disengage. This is what people want to know, others’ experiences to which they can relate!”

5 Star Review:  “I purchased this book yesterday and just finished the next day Sunday 5pm. I couldn’t put it down. It was a great read!”

Today is another frustrating day of disease, pain and suffering for millions of people around the world… 

With thousands of therapies, medicines, supplements, lotions and potions on the market, even the World Health Organization recognizes that the medical system is failing on many fronts. There is so much information out there that nobody knows what to do next!

The Solution is in your hands!

Author Moses Durazo, BA, HHP, CBP has dedicated over 20 years of study, research and healthcare practice and has found a perfectly simple and safe combination of holistic methods to solve many of societies’ mind, body, and spirit challenges.  

Living a perfect life with great health is absolutely possible, but we need to have a method, discipline and understanding of who we are. This book helps us understand how to achieve inner balance by learning to prevent, improve and potentially cure up to 98% of all diseases. The subjects covered are the revolutionary new discovery called Goizean Medical Biomagnetism, Quantum-Alphabiotic Alignments, Emotional Intelligence, Nutrition and more. 

These natural solutions offer great benefits!

In many cases these simple, practical and precise steps have eliminated the need for:
1) Medications, 
2) Surgery, 
3) Supplements and 
4) Other costly invasive and natural therapies; and most importantly, 
5) They have and continue to save lives and help people find a newfound sense of direction and purpose for living even when all hope was lost!

5 Star Review:  “I actually had one of those “aha or nirvana moments” while reading this book. I haven’t had one of those in years. It was life changing for me.”

5 Star Review:  “These pages ask readers to review the facts and make a conscious decision to take charge of their lives. A lot of useful information is packed within these pages, and readers would do well to highlight the core principles of restoring and maintaining health.”

Think you’re ready to gain control and live a perfect natural life?  What are you waiting for?  Download a sample or buy the paperback copy of How Magnets Saved my Life – A Holistic Guide for Optimal Living today!


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Answered! Frequently Asked Questions about Goizean Medical Biomagnetism 

5 Star Review:  “Biomagnetism is very powerful method of treatment and if you want to learn more about it, [this book] is a great choice. It’s very informative and valuable guide that explains in a simple way everything you need to know about biomagnetism, from what biomagnetism is to how does it work, what to expect from this method and much, much more.”

5 Star Review:  “Handy overview on a great method of healing!”

5 Star Review:  “This book turned out to be a great resource! I recommend this book for anyone wanting to discover or learn more about the benefits of magnetic therapy.”

What can Biomagnetism Cure?  If you weren’t born with it, everything!

Do you want to ease off medications? Reduce your pain level? Feel more energy? Help your body fight off infections and other diseases? In other words, do you want to prevent, improve or be cured?  Then this book is for you.

This book covers the basic questions for any new patient or person interested in learning more. It is laid out in an easy to read format with everyday language.  Durazo takes you step by step through what a first visit and first session will be like. He covers questions about special services for those with physical, emotional and age-related needs.

With up-to-date information on what real life is like here in America, Durazo gives us all hope that there IS a way for us to keep our bodies strong and healthy. No matter what your diet or area of the country you live in, no matter who your doctor is or what your family medical history is — now is the time to pick up this book and see how you can enhance and make the most out of your life!

What are you waiting for?  Download a sample or buy the paperback copy.  Click on the book icon.  



Are you at Risk – Who is a Qualified Goizean Biomagnetic Therapist?

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Dr. Isaac Goiz-Duran’s incredibly new and exciting field of Biomagnetic therapy is being discovered daily by those seeking an alternative to expensive, intrusive and unproductive hospital visits – in other words, people are looking for options realizing that mainstream allopathic medicine is failing them.  Goizean Medical Biomagnetic therapy is powerful, practical, precise and effective.  As a result many would-be and current health practitioners are seeking direct training from Dr. Goiz who in 1988 discovered this healing method.

Currently zero barriers or prerequisites to entry are created by Dr. Goiz for those who seek to understand the Biomagnetic methodology, science and practice.  When I studied with Dr. Goiz in 2009 at Mexico City’s Medical Biomagnetism Research Center I was surrounded by healthcare practitioners from various fields.  Those in attendance included medical doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturist, reiki healers, masseurs and spiritists/mediums, and more.  The healthcare novices in attendance included, but were not limited to housewives, store clerks and even a shoe maker.

Investing in 100 hours of theory, those in attendance shadow Dr. Goiz at his Center for a week and observe his interaction with patients.  As a trained Biomagnetist you’re responsible for effectively applying theory into practice.

Questions must be asked to anyone claiming to be a biomagnetic practitioner or any healthcare practitioner for that matter.

In this case, did you study directly with Dr. Isaac Goiz or someone authorized by him through the Medical Biomagnetic Research Center (the certificate is signed by Dr. Goiz)?  How long have you been in practice?  Do you have both Level 1 Biomagnetism and Level 2 Bioenergy training (to get into Level 2 a person would have at least completed 100 sessions)?  What is your success rate in helping individuals heal?  Do you have testimonials?  Have you helped someone with my condition?

As with any endeavor challenges are faced by beginners.  In the field of Biomagnetism fear of failure and self-doubt are perhaps the biggest obstacles as the science behind the practice will not change.  The pressures for new students are high as the therapy has the potential to cure cancer and arthritis amongst many of the serious healthcare problems that supposedly have no natural solution.

As a biomagnetic practitioner, an individual’s feelings and intentions may also interfere with the quality of a treatment. It usually takes a few hundred sessions before the individual moves from student and into the realm of practitioner. We may ask ourselves why is there training but no testing of the students?  The answer is simple as Biomagnetism is an entirely new field of understanding.  The current stage of Biomagnetic development is to disseminate information about the practice and science of the therapy.  Dr. Goiz-Duran is succeeding at reaching thousands throughout Latin and North America as well as Europe.

This information is valuable; I think we all deserve to have the best possible outcome especially when it comes to our health.  At times it’s disconcerting for me to hear people say, “I’ve tried Biomagnetism before and it doesn’t work”.  These same people come back to me and say, “wow, your session was very different – thank you – it does work!”

The importance of this writing came to me after an interesting interaction I had when I was looking to receive a biomagnetic session myself.

Since we’re only a handful of practitioners in the United States it’s hard to meet anybody.  Most people are practicing out of their living room and with their close group of friends.  It was by “accident” that someone at my healing center said they heard of someone and I reached out to receive a biomagnetic session.  Not because I’m sick, but because I value the importance of inner balance (prevention).  When I asked her if she was also qualified with Level 2 training – Bioenergetics – she said, ‘no’ and realized I was calling a beginner, which is fine, I was still willing to visit her.

I asked her if she’s going to be doing the Level 2 training any time soon and she said, “No”, and when I asked why not, she got really defensive.  “Why do you ask?”  If we’re placing our life in someone else’s hands, this is a fair question.

Biomagnetism is such an effective method that I’m sure this person is helping people, but having years of experience in the healthcare field one comes to understand that any person placing self-limitations on their education also places limitations on people’s healing process. Level 2 Bioenergy is a “muscle testing” approach that allows us deeper understanding of a person’s situation and thus more efficiently and effectively help people.

Would you place your life, your health in the hands of someone who purposefully limits their growth?  Would you place your wellbeing in the hands of someone that does Biomagnetism as a part time hobby?

They may not hurt you, but they may also not be as efficient and as effective as you deserve.

All “qualified” practitioners have a signed diploma issued by Dr. Isaac Goiz-Duran that legitimizes successful completion of instruction at the Research Center.  A list of all qualified Biomagnetic practitioners can be found on Dr. Goiz-Duran’s website:

As with any new and developing field opportunists exist and a list of those who falsely claim to have the Biomagnetic certification and teaching ability can also be found on the website:

If the person who claims to be a biomagnetic practitioner did an online course, then run in the opposite direction.

After clicking on the first link you surely found my name on the list, Moses Durazo.  You’re correct and within your right to research this information about me.  Here is more information about me that you will not find on Dr. Goiz website:

Colegio de Investigacion de Biomagnetismo Medico, Mexico City

Successful completion of Biomagnetism/ Bioenergy Levels 1 & 2

University of California Santa Cruz

B.A., Holistic Health Practitioner

University California Irvine

Medical Assistant

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and University of California San Francisco

Infectious diseases Research Assistant

Quantum Alphabiotic Association Guanajuato, Mexico

For more info:

Call us today (714) 824-9998.

Location Santa Ana, Orange County, (Los Angeles area) California

Durazo Books (available on Amazon):


Prevent, Improve and Cure Disease – Goiz Medical Biomagnetism Frequently Asked Questions


3D Save Life ENGLISH

Holistic guide book for an understanding on how to live with optimal quality of life.



What to do when Diagnosed with Disease – a Biomagnetic Approach

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Somewhere, some place right now someone is being diagnosed with a disease that may be “incurable” and/or “fatal”.  When this happens, it’s natural to react with a degree of fear.

It’s the actions we take thereafter that matter the most.

Do we go home and sit in a corner and wait for death or do we do everything in our power to transform the pain and suffering into a solution that takes us to improved quality of life and even a cure? The cures are out there, just ask me about it.

At my biomagnetic healing center in Southern California I constantly work with people who have been diagnosed with very serious ailments, but also with people that understand that prevention is possible.

We have seen members of our Private Medical Medical Association heal from disease when supposedly no natural solutions existed, for example, cancers, arthritis and more.

In some cases, the road to recovery may be slow and in other cases there is no cure, but one thing I’ve noticed time and time again that even those that depart this world, their relatives notice shifts in wellbeing:  less agony, increased peace, better mood and in a way I guess we can say there is “recovery” here – increasing a quality of life.

The truth is there are many roads to wellbeing.  Medical Biomagnetism is proving to be one of the most important solutions to health and wellbeing.

The time to take action is now, especially if you’re “fine”.  It is when we are fine that we can help stay fine by allowing ourselves inner biochemical balance.  If you are “broken” and you believe your situation has no solution, then you need to come in too.  If you’ve been told that you have a few months to live, then you especially need to come in!  The fact is it’s never too late to increase your quality of life.

Doing nothing is an action too.

– Moses Durazo, Biomagnetic Body Balance Spacilist

Call today for Relief!  714-824-9998 Operator 24/7

Santa Ana, CA

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Books by Moses Durazo, BA, HHP, CBP (Available on Amazon)


Prevent, Improve and Cure Disease with Magnets – Goiz’ Medical Biomagnetism Frequently Asked Questions



3D Save Life ENGLISH

Learn a lifestyle that leads to optimal quality of life!


We Are BioChemistry – Biomagnetism (therapy using magnets) has a Direct and Profound Effect

More and more people are discovering Goizean Medical Biomagnetism through word of mouth because it’s having such a profound shift to our health and social fabric. The healthy are getting healthier,  the sick are healing and the chronically and terminally ill are increasing quality of life.

People don’t wake up and say, “I need Medical Biomagnetism”, but if they would if they knew what it is.  That’s why I’m going out of my way to help you understand the importance of medical biomagnetism.

Most people who have heard that magnets are beneficial to health immediately think of products like bracelets, beds and so on and say, and although those products can be of benefit, people don’t consider them cures to ailments.  If we use magnets differently and in specific ways, then that is what Medical Biomagnetism is and now becomes a potential cure to even supposed “incurable” conditions.

Magnetism is energy that’s invisible, but when specific polarities are placed on the body in specific locations this has an effect on our biochemistry.  Because we are primarily water our health is tied directly to potential hydrogen (pH) balance/distortions.  Biomagnetism’s role is to erase pH distortions allowing for proper biochemical balance.

When our body is pH balanced then we function at optimal health according to lifestyle.

If you’re reading this post then this says that you value education and seek to be in control of your life.  Next step is reading the following books:

3D Save Life ENGLISH

To be in control of life you need a guide


FAQ about Goiz’ Medical Biomagnetism




– Moses Durazo, Biomagnetic Balance Specialist


Located in Santa Ana, CA

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